Visiting schools and libraries and talking about how I write my books is one of the things I most enjoy doing as a writer. Children always have lots of interesting questions and at the end of the session we usually have a photo together.

My Hometown History books on Cardiff and the Welsh Valleys were published in 2010 and remain popular as primary school study resources. My interactive workshop around topics featured in the books works best with older primary school children, encouraging them to share their knowledge and understanding of the various history periods studied at Key Stage 2. Children are usually keen to find out what is involved in getting a book published so I also talk (and answer lots of questions!) about where ideas come from, research, writing the text, editing and finally seeing the book in print.


'I thoroughly recommend Sue Barrow to you as a real asset to have as a visitor to your school! Her books about the local area ensure that her work is relevant and accessible to pupils and her passion for writing and history is evident for all to see. Well prepared, with interesting resources, her engaging manner and enthusiasm are infectious and she certainly left our pupils eager to learn and write more! She is a great choice for an Arts week, to enhance local history studies or as a welcome boost to Curriculum Cymraeg!'

 Judith Davies

Headteacher - Danescourt Primary School,Cardiff


If you would like me to visit your school, please email me via my Contact Page or on