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RBC at 80 - The Story of Rhiwbina Baptist Church

From Flower Power to Peace Talks, new book shines light on one of Cardiff's largest churches 

 A new book shatters the myth that church history is dusty and out of date. RBC at 80 is written by Cardiff author Sue Barrow and tells the story of Rhiwbina Baptist Church from its garden village beginnings in 1935 to its present day suburban setting. During those eighty years, the church has moved from its obsession with flower festivals to dynamic evangelism and spiritual renewal but with plenty of heartbreak along the way. Not many churches can claim that they were so desperate for unity that they worked with the people who brokered peace in Northern Ireland. But that's what this church did in 1996 when it brought in the Mennonites to successfully sort out some deep internal divisions

 Sue Barrow said: "It's a warts and all story. I wanted to write something that was honest, transparent and believable. I also wanted it to reflect the way that change is often painful but ultimately liberating and I believe that RBC at 80 tells the tale of God's amazing faithfulness often in spite of human frailty."


RBC at 80 is published by Rhiwbina Baptist Church and available from the Olive Branch, Cardiff and Books Plus, University Hospital of Wales, price £8.