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'Keeping Secrets' (Pont 2006)

I had the idea for writing Keeping Secrets after reading two books in which the main characters are adopted - 'The Snake Stone' by Berlie Doherty and Margaret Forster's 'Shadow Baby.' Adoption stories have always fascinated me, probably because they invariably involve uncovering family secrets. I wanted to explore the feelings of a teenager who felt out of place in her adopted family and how this might lead her to search for her birth mother. Ceri uncovers a few screts of her own in her quest to find out about her past - not all of them easy to live with.

This is what other people have said about Keeping Secrets -

'Sue Barrow has written a first novel which evokes the uncertainties and anxieties of the teenager's world with insight and preception.'

- Yvonne Coppard, Children's Writer

'It really made me understand how people might feel who don't know who their parents are. I think anyone who's had any kind of problems in their lives would really get something from this book.'

- Natalie Maceira, Holy Rood High

'I would not hesitate in recommending this book to those pupils I teach.The issue of adoption has been dealt with in a sensitive but 'real' manner. Sue Barrow writes with ease and style.'

- K. T. Phillips, High School Teacher


Hometown History of Cardiff 2010               Hometown History of the Welsh Valleys 2010 

The Hometown Histories is a series aimed at bringing local history to life for children aged 7 - 14. A little bit like the Horrible Histories, but not quite so gory! You can read my interview with the South Wales Echo about my Hometown History books here                                                 

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