What I loved and hated about being a teenager in the 1960s





       My first ever lipstick - Mary Quant No. 1, a chalky pink shade, which I used to put on at my friend Jane Chapman's house because my mum didn't like me wearing make-up. 


       Mini skirts! Once I bought a tunic top from M&S in a swirly orange paisley pattern and tried to convince my mother it was a dress!


       Going to pop concerts at the Capitol Theatre in Cardiff - in 1967 I saw the Small Faces, Cat Stevens, Jimi Hendrix and Engelbert Humperdinck all at the same gig! The first pop stars I ever saw on stage were the Everly Brothers in 1965. My Mum took me and I had to ask her if it was okay to scream! Cilla Black was the supporting act.


       Working behind the counter in Birds greengrocer in Whitchurch Village every Saturday and flirting with the delivery boy over the bags of sprouts (I married him seven years later!)


       Putting together scrap books of the Beatles (I must dig them out - they're probably still in my parents' loft)


       Reading Fab 208 magazine and gazing at cheesy photos of the Fab Four. The 208 part referred to the radio frequency for Radio Luxembourg which was the only station playing pop music before Radio One started up in 1967.


      Hated (This list is much shorter!)

       The lukewarm showers the teacher delighted in making us take after gym and games lessons

       Having hair that wouldn't lie smooth and silky like my friends Roberta Markie and Deborah Harris. It always became frizzy when it rained - long before the days of hair straighteners!

       Being forced to practise the piano for an hour every day

       Not being allowed to go dancing at the Top Rank (the only club in Cardiff at the time!)